My name is Olle Jonsson and are currently studying architectural visualization at YRGO in Gothenburg, Sweden.


In High School i studied Nature but with a natural interest in Architecture i used internet to get some basic knowledge in SketchUp and Archicad with plans to apply for an internship after my graduation. 


During a year i got the opportunity to work for an architecture firm full time which gave me loads of experience how architects work and think but most important i found my main interest and passion, visualization.

I enjoy to work with both storytelling and moodboards, this together with some references makes the workprocess so much easier.

Mainly we're using two different programs 3ds Max and Photoshop together with either VRay or Corona.


On the way we're as well learning programs that might come to use as later on like SketchUp, Revit and Unreal Engine

As a person i'm always curious in learning different techniques and methods to create inspiring artworks for myself and others. I've at all times got inspired to work with successful and hardworking people and i think that in the end have made me someone who loves to have a busy schedule.

To create visualizations with stories is something we're daily working on and is something that really keeps a person like me going. 




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